COntact Us

New Standard Beer Co.

Toronto, ON 



Life is about enjoying experiences and occasions.  Not about consequences or inconveniences.

More great times with friends, family and colleagues, more satisfaction of premium quality products.  Less about the implications of doing so.

For me, long-gone are the days of “what’s cheapest and highest octane”, I have regularly searched for great tasting beers and often preferred not to have the full-strength of alcohol along with it.  Weeknights with friends, family dinners, post rec-league game, after-work drinks – there just weren’t great options out there, so we set out to find a better solution.

We think you’ll agree we achieved our goal – great taste, full body, real ingredients all while setting a new benchmark for lower alcohol.  No sacrifice required. ​

We love this beer and hope you do too.


We work, we build, we DIY, we run, we golf, we curl, we babysit, we hike, we cycle, we get up early and go to bed early, we play hockey and tennis. We care about the planet, our families, friends and ourselves.

Great taste. conveniently 3.2%